Multiservices Coop


…is an Associated Work Cooperative, dedicating itself - without being limited to - to planning, coordinate and implement construction projects, federal funds (FEMA, CDBG-DR, among others) consultation, permits consultation, project management support team, installation, maintenance, rental and safety of buildings, roads, lands, systems and public works, including their equipment, systems and materials.


Develop Projects that contribute to a social and economic growth, transform the infrastructure of our country, leaving a legacy for the current generation and those to come.


Contribute to the physical, economic and social reconstruction of our country with an Environmental, Sustainable and Resilient awareness.


Construction and Consulting Division

  • Supervision, inspection and development of construction projects

  • General Construction (buildings, roads, bridges, hydrologic and hydraulic improvements, housing complexes, among others infrastructure projects)

  • Renewable Energy (photovoltaic and Aeolic) projects and certification

  • "Design and build" projects

  • Construction of sites

  • Consulting for obtaining and managing federal infrastructure funds

  • Counseling on federal funds (FEMA & CDBG-DR)

  • Project management consulting

  • Consulting and management in pruning services

  • Consulting and preparation of emergency plans

  • …and many more! – Contact us for more information.




  • Maintenance of green areas

  • Design of Gardens and green areas

  • Evaluation, design and construction of Irrigation Systems

  • Planting trees, palms, mitigations with vegetative material

  • Sale and distribution of Ornamental Plants

  • Washing and cleaning of surfaces

  • Application of all types of paint to structures

  • Roof waterproofing

  • Epoxy jobs

  • Mechanical works including pipelines, refrigeration machine (chiller), air conditioners and boilers.

  • Fixing services for all types of pumps

  • Verification, maintenance and repair of fire suppression system, system certification

  • Sale and installation of communications equipment and security cameras

  • Rental of heavy equipment

  • Diesel fuel supply

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